Enterprise introduction

        The mission when DataLine build up is “Using technology enhance human progress”. Dataline develop and business still around  this mission, make contribute to the digital world build up,  help the people around world can pick up the technology easily. At the beginning of the DataLine, depends on the leading advantage from Korea, we provide the more reliable and compatible memory. After that, our business expanded to the enterprise level storage solution. In recent 2 years, Dataline develop a series of high performance storage equipment for enterprises, example, SCM Primary storage server “DataMax”  provides outstanding performance and integration levels for high value and high demand businesses; Full flash memory array “DataMatrix”, design for  Modern virtual data centers, to meet the strict SLA requirement, provides comprehensive support for managing the entire virtual work life cycle. The technological innovation and service quality in DataLine meet the different client’s requirement, our clients spread all over finance, auto, media, communication areas

         Today, DataLine already become the prominent supplier for the enterprise level storage solution, provide the reliable solution around the world, help client change the business mode, build up creative future, develop powerful technology to enhance  human progress

DataLine and Filecoin IPFS
  • 2017
  • Apr Establish headquarter of Jiang Nan Coperation in Seoul Korea
  • Sep Set up the Filecoin research group
  • 2018
  • Mar Develop first generation storage server (DL1)
  • Oct Develop second generation storage server (DL2)
  • 2019
  • Feb Online test DL3
  • Mar Start DL3 production on small scale
  • Apr Develop third generation storage server (DL3)
  • Sep Start DL3 production on big scale
  • Sep

    Establish DataLine Korea Bucheon branch

    Strategic cooperation with China runxin network technology (liaoning) co., LTD

  • Oct

    Perform internal testing of Storage Data Center & Pool management system

    DataLine Co., Ltd. established Fukuoka branch in Japan

  • Nov

    Establish DataLine Korea Inchon branch

  • Dec Develop forth generation storage server DL4 (Testnet) Test in progress
  • 2020
  • (Testnet) Test in progress
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