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IPFS multi-application scenario introduction: Have you downloaded these 26 applications?


As the next-generation Internet underlying communication protocol, IPFS has been successfully applied in various fields such as data storage, file transfer, network video, social media, and decentralized transactions since its release. APPs, applications, and platforms built on IPFS are rebuilding the entire Internet.


With the maturity of technology, more dapps, tools, and projects have emerged from the IPFS ecosystem, including newcomers such as Brave, 3box, and EthDNS.


At the recent ETHDenver Summit, 24 of the 52 projects submitted to ETH Denver were built using IPFS!




The following summarizes and introduces some IPFS application scenarios. Everyone can participate or try to use it, and contribute to the construction of the IPFS ecosystem!


search engine


Firfox Firefox

Firefox WebExtensions product manager Mike Conca published an article on the Mozilla official website indicating that browser extension applications support distributed protocols including IPFS, that is, support for the "ipfs: //" protocol.


Google Chrome

IPFS Companion is a browser plug-in hatched from the IPFS official application community, which can be found in the Google Chrome extension application. A browser extension that can be used to simplify IPFS resource access, helping users to better run, manage their own nodes locally, and view the resource information of IPFS nodes at any time.


Opera browser

Opera has been working with IPFS for a long time. It is expected that IPFS support will be launched in its Android version of the Opera browser and an encrypted wallet will be developed in the browser. There are Android, iOS and desktop versions.



IPSE is a search engine based on the IPFS network, dedicated to creating the next-generation Internet traffic entrance. You can search for files on the IPFS network on IPSE. Due to the use of hash tagging technology, the hash address of the content can be converted into a text title for quick access.





A centralized distributed log search engine based on the IPFS network allows users to quickly retrieve files on the IPFS network to find the required data. At the same time, users can obtain token incentives by participating in mining. Known as the blockchain version of Google.


file transfer



Partyshare is an open source file sharing application built on the point-to-point hypermedia protocol IPFS, which allows users to share files using IPFS.


The user simply drags the required file into the PartyShare folder, and the system will hash / allocate the address, and others can use the address the user gave them to request the file.



Pinata: Lets you upload files to the IPFS network more efficiently.





ipwb promotes persistence and collaboration in Web archives by spreading the contents of WARC files into the IPFS network. IPFS is a peer-to-peer content addressable file system that inherently allows deduplication and facilitates selective replication.


Before spreading the header and payload of the WARC response record to IPFS, ipwb uses the deduplication feature to build a CDXJ index using the returned IPFS hash references, and merges the header and payload of IPFS during replay.


Content platform



Netflix mainly provides a large number of DVDs and free delivery. In addition, its users can also watch their movies and TV programs through computers, TVs, iPads, iPhones and other networks.


Recently, IPFS announced a cooperation with Netflix, the world's largest streaming platform. Integrate technologies such as peer-to-peer services in the IPFS system into NetFly's tools, and use IPFS technology to accelerate cloud construction, design, and testing.


Why, as a company with extraordinary status and strength, choose to cooperate with IPFS?


The container distribution challenge that Netflix wants to solve: how to efficiently extract container images in a large-scale, multi-region environment. The image layer is usually located in different areas. Using IPFS as a point-to-point CDN can enable nodes within the Netflix infrastructure to collaborate and seed common seeds to neighboring nodes, thereby helping to distribute containers faster.



D.Tube is the first encrypted distributed video platform, built on the STEEM blockchain and IPFS peer-to-peer network. It will support the FIlecoin network in the future. It is intended to be a substitute for YouTube and allow users to watch on the basis of IPFS / FIlecoin Or upload videos and share or comment on the immutable STEEM blockchain while earning crypto tokens.





DLive has established a fairer video platform community. The DLive platform does not charge any commissions, users can directly reward content creators through the platform currency, and other contributors to the video community will also receive corresponding rewards.



Primas is a decentralized project dedicated to using blockchain technology to solve a series of problems brought about by the Internet economy, such as fake news, plagiarism, laundering, headlines, and low-quality content.


Primas' original Distributed Trusted Content Protocol (DTCP) will bring credible, high-quality information back to the Internet and reshape the value ecosystem of Internet content.



The goal of Mediachain is to develop a platform that allows creators to attach information to their work and create records on the Bitcoin blockchain. This information can be stored on the interstellar file system IPFS.



Ujomusic is a blockchain market for musicians on IPFS. Fans can purchase licenses, download, audition, or use for mixing, etc .; and the fan's payment will be automatically allocated to Heap and the partner of the work.


Social class



Indorse is a social network based on the Ethereum platform, which aims to change the status of current professional social networks. Indorse uses the IPFS network as data storage to ensure user data security, eliminate workplace deception, and reproduce a real workplace social platform.



Steepshot is a blockchain-powered social platform that you can use to share photos with family and friends. Most importantly, you get token rewards for everything you plan and for activities that other people participate in. All the data uploaded to the platform is safely stored in the IPFS system.





The 3Box chat plugin built on IPFS makes it easier for blockchain developers to participate in private chats, upload photos, like posts, and other common activities related to user-generated content and social interactions.



Peepeth is a distributed social platform that can be viewed as a blockchain version of Twitter.





The Origin e-commerce store relies on an IPFS gateway and an Ethereum node. The entire front-end application logic, product database and supporting media are hosted on IPFS.


Open Bazaar

Open Bazaar is a decentralized free market for commodities that combines the features of eBay and BittTorrent. The OpenBazaar platform does not have a central server and uses cryptography as a guarantee. Trust comes from code and mathematics, not people.



Known Origin

Known Origin relies on the blockchain IPFS technology to transfer historical information and enter exchange records for the art treasures screened in the early stage, present an open and transparent transaction process, and redefine the economic attributes of artworks.


other apps



Ethlance is a blockchain-based decentralized job market. Its database is distributed on the Ethereum public blockchain, and the source files are located on IPFS. Everyone can use Ethlance for free forever, without any central authority controlling it.



Textile is an open source photo backup mobile software that supports organizing photos on the device or backing up photos remotely, and can post photos to friends, family or favorite communities. All photos uploaded by users are stored in the IPFS distributed storage network, which is designed to be permanently stored, and the photos are encrypted by the private key. Don't be afraid of the event of Apple iCloud photos leaking that year.



Peergos is an encryption and access control based on IPFS. The target is Baidu network disk, end-to-end encryption, peer-to-peer file storage, sharing and communication network.


Peergos is designed to give you control over your data. It is an open source, secure, self-hosted file storage and sharing platform. All your files are encrypted locally, and your private key never leaves your computer, protecting your privacy to the greatest extent possible.





Augur relies on IPFS technology, supported by Ethereum and open source software, a prediction market protocol owned and operated by those who use it. Users are always involved, adapting to changes in demand that may occur at any time, and avoiding risks to the greatest extent.



Civic is an IPFS-based technology supported by Ethereum. Civic Wallet provides the flexibility to transition between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies, providing a reliable account for everyone, a platform for managing digital currencies and identity.


The blockchain Internet mainly solves the problem of credit asymmetry, and its biggest reliance is on the credibility of data and the ownership of data rights. With so many applications built on the IPFS network, when Filecoin mainnet is launched, more applications will surely migrate to the Filecoin network, which will lay a solid foundation for future web3.0.


Demand determines value. It is expected that Filecoin will become the fastest and most popular blockchain project for commercial applications after the mainnet is launched.



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